Non formal education center

Our mission - Generate knowledge and experiences from the center to regions. In nine months of existence, knowledge café has hosted 93 cultural and educational activities.

Library/Book Shop

The only library in Kiziqi, with more than 1000 books and computers + the most popular bookshop with more than 10 publishing books in Georgia at the lowest price in Georgia.

Sweet Café

The most favorite sweet cafe in Sighnaghi Municipality;
Tasty drinks, sweets and the coziest interior in the world for thinking, meetings and relaxation.

Make your contribution to build Knowledge Café

Knowledge Café is a social enterprise in Tsnori, which unites 4 spaces - bookstore, informal education center, multimedia library and cafe. Knowledge Café is the smartest and the kindest place in the region that was created by young people from Tsnori with the support of many nice people. This is the only free space in Signagi Municipality for meetings, literary events, discussions, movies screenings, trainings and workshops.

During 9 months of existence, knowledge café has hosted more than 2,000 children, young adults and elderly people and gave motivation to 7 active youth groups in different regions of Georgia to create similar space.

Today village needs knowledge café.


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